Chocolate Chunk Brownie Cookies

December 29, 2016

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It's the Holiday Season, it's Winters and it's December - all good things together (not to miss the weddings). In this festive mood chocolate indulgence is a-must to really feeeel that goodness. Relaxing in a cozy corner with a mug of chai (read your favorite hot drink) and these soft baked, moist and fudgelicious cookies with chocolate chunks, Chocolate Chunk Brownie Cookies - is my kind of celebrating winters. 

Review: Australian Food Festival at Avari Lahore

November 19, 2016

There's nothing like crisp and clear November nights in Lahore. Being accustomed to the chill the season brings, it gives more reason to enjoy outdoor evening weather. To get the most out of the evenings what better than warm outdoor lighting and live Barbecue - a perfect evening! That's what Avari Hotel's Australian Food Festival has brought together - Australia's favorite pastimes; barbecuing and Lahore's passion and love for Food!

Fab Grab : Gorgeous Blush Pink Mug by Clayworks

November 09, 2016

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I am absolutely obsessed with mugs at the moment and for an avid-chai drinker like I am, it's pretty normal I suppose. I mean how can you not buy the most gorgeous looking Mug and not make it a part of your life? You just can't do that! And this gorgeous Blush Pink Mug with gold accents by Clayworks is just so pretty that it is now a fancy addition to my Mugs Collection.

14th August Jelly-Pudding Shots & a Foodie Challenge

August 12, 2016

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Happy INDEPENDENCE WEEK Y'all! I'm back on the blog and what an exciting month it is to start blogging again. Why an exciting month, you ask? Because, it's my birthday month, it's Pakistan's birthday (Azaadi Celebrations) month and I have an exciting FOODIE CHALLENGE for you all, so it means there will be an exciting PRIZE!

Chicken Cheese Balls

June 11, 2016

Ramadan Kareem - the most awaited month of the year is here, the month of blessings, forgiveness and mercy. Every year I'm pretty excited about the month of Ramadan and this year is no different, there is so much of spiritual enlightenment, a festive feel, the urge to earn rewards and blessings, doing good to others, sharing, helping and caring, which makes this the best month of All! And of-course there is FOOD

Hair Update: The LOB & the Products I'm Loving

June 03, 2016

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I finally made the bold decision to chop off my long locks and hop on the chic LOB (long bob) trend. By now you all must be familiar with this hair lingo LOB, which basically is a long bob hairstyle that can be anywhere between your shoulders and collar bones. I'm absolutely loving my LOB, it's so hassle-free, low maintenance, gives hair a very healthy feel and is so chic!

No Churn Peach Ice Cream with candied Peach Chunks

May 22, 2016

Summers are in full-swing, temperature has risen to an extreme in this part of the world, it's ranging between 42°C and 46°C which is literally making people melt. While it's scorching heat, I'm still trying to find happiness and joys in what this season has to bring. The biggest of joys being fresh fruits, Peaches and Mangoes. And to beat that heat we made No-Churn Peach Ice Cream.

Fab Grab: Mitti Pow Chai Mug

May 17, 2016

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I'm an avid morning-tea drinker, mornings without chai (tea) are sad, boring and incomplete. Although I'm not a morning-breakfast person but I definitely am the morning-chai person. Which makes me a collector of fun, quirky, colorful mugs too (apparently all the ones I'm attracted to) and the moment I saw this Mitti Pow Mug it was love-at-first-sight-kind-of-attraction.

Virgin Strawberry Mojito

May 09, 2016

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Happy Monday y'all! Summers are here, temperatures are rising and rising a bit too quickly in this part of the world, but I've got all you covered. We'll beat the heat in style, with a quick, refreshing and perfectly cool drink Strawberry Mojito. It's virgin (non-alcoholic) yet so bubbly and fruity making it a perfect summer drink!

Strawberry Cheescake French Toast

April 11, 2016

Weekend breakfast has to be special, especially for a person like me who is a no-breakfast-person all week through. While all the attention on special breakfast is given to pancakes (by most), for me something special for breakfast means French Toast. And if you've been following me you must have followed my French Toast recipes too, and today I'm adding another one to the list, it's Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast.

BBQ Chicken Burgers with Jalapenos & BBQ Sauce

March 25, 2016

I'm back on the blog, after a crazy busy, yet exciting, full of fun first quarter of 2016. And the come back had to exciting so, I bring to you the yummiest of all recipes "BBQ Chicken Burgers" topped with pickled jalapenos and drizzled with chili mayo and savory BBQ sauce and of course loads of cheese!

Red Velvet French Toast stuffed with Cream Cheese

February 03, 2016

It's Celebration Season! And I'm back on the blog with another recipe that will definitely Tickle those Tastebuds!! Just look at those beautiful red toasts, stuffed with cream cheese and chocolate dripping, doesn't it all look so festive? Why celebrate with lunch or dinner when you can have an amazing breakfast to start-off your love-filled day (hint: it's February)

Tickle those Tastebuds TOP 15 Recipes of 2015

January 03, 2016

Wohoooo! It's 2016, another year came to an end and honestly 2015 has been one AMAZING Year.