Mutton Trotters (Mutton Paya Curry)

September 24, 2015

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Mutton Trotters or Mutton Paya Curry is a succulent and delicious Pakistani recipe, one that almost every person loves having. It's so versatile that you can have it for breakfast, serve in the afternoon meal or for dinner, it's loved the same way. As Eid-ul-Adha is almost here, I'm pretty much excited to have these Mutton Trotters being prepared at home by my mother. She makes the best ones, the ones rich in flavor and cooked to perfection (she's a perfectionist - that's where I inherited it from :P )

Overload Cookies & Cream Milkshake

September 21, 2015

Before the summer ends an insanely delicious drink had to be made and posted here on the blog and why not, Weekends are meant for having such loaded drinks, indulging in deliciousness and never coming out of it! (not literally) You already know what goes in the making of it (hint: cookies & cream) but what you don't know is the secret of making it. So today, you'll learn to make the most ridiculously, insanely delicious milkshake The Overload Cookies & Cream Milkshake

Restaurant Review: Boneheads

September 07, 2015

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Like art and music, Food has no boundaries, it doesn’t even require visas, permits or passports and yet takes you through a culinary journey to explore new combinations, tastes and flavors.

Continuing on this culinary journey, Lahore just got the taste of Atlanta – Boneheads. 

6 Days of "Butter Puff Crackers" Snack Ideas: Day 5

September 02, 2015

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When the weather is fine, all you can think of is to spend some time outdoors and what better excuse than to pack a picnic. Even the thought of sitting outside when its pleasant, sipping on your favorite drinks and nibbling on delicious snacks is so fascinating (makes me go for a picnic right now). Picnics are a great way to spend good time with family and friends it's also a good way to involve everyone in making the picnic food/snacks.

6 Days of "Butter Puff Crackers" Snack Ideas: Day 4

September 01, 2015

We all LOVE Ice-cream! We might have different choice in ice-cream flavors but everyone loves ice-cream (And if you're someone who doesn't - I will totally judge you on this). Generally there's no specific time to have ice-cream you can have it whenever, wherever you want it. And when you can prepare delicious treats with it - it becomes a delicious indulgence. With Peek Freans Butter Puff Crackers you can actually make these frozen treats that'll make you so so so HAPPY!